Magaldi Buffalo Leather Belt
Magaldi Supercinghia

The Magaldi Supercinghia, made of buffalo leather chromo-treated strips, is the best solution for conveying steel sheets of any thickness.
Thanks to its unique assembling structure, it assures a higher cutting resistance and offers a longer lifetime compared to conventional conveyors, thus avoiding unpredictable stops of the production lines.
The Supercinghia has a modular structure, formed by buffalo individual leather strips placed side by side, held together by a steel pin set. This structure avoids damage occurring to one or more strips, spreading to the entire width of the belt.
More than 80 years of experience, gained through several applications, has demonstrated that the expected lifetime of the Supercinghia is almost 10 years. There is simply no comparison with conventional rubber belt and fabric conveyors.

The Magaldi Supercinghia belt is typically used for the following applications: 
- Stamping conveyor lines (thickness 0.2-25 mm). 
- Inter press and finishing lines. 
- Steel sheets conveying. 
- Pickling sheets conveying. 
- Aluminium sheets conveying. 
- Cut to length lines. 
- Coil wrapping machines.