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Heavy scrap conveying
Magaldi Superbelt® HD

Steel plants using Electrical Arch Furnaces (EAF) need to load an EAF with a large amount of steel scraps.
Scraps can be shredded into small pieces, typically very sharp, or loaded into the furnace as they come from the storage yard in the form of big pieces that can reach even a 1.5 tons in weight. Scraps are generally conveyed to the furnace using magnets guided by cranes.
This process needs a rather high cycle time and it means that the plant has to have scraps hanging from the magnets while travelling from the storage yard to the furnace area.
In order to reduce this cycle time and improve the safety of the working environment, Magaldi has designed the Magaldi Superbelt® HD (standing for heavy duty) conveyor. It is a heavy duty version of the sturdy Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor and it can withstand heavy shocks and impact loads.
The steel pans are generally made of manganese steel with hardness ≥400HB, while the thickness is 8+8 mm. Being able to design the conveyor with a steep inclination, it allows the reduction of the footprint to reach the furnace loading point.
The application of the Superbelt® HD conveyor is highly recommended in all steel plants that use scrap handling systems for furnace charging. In fact, thanks to the high reliability of the Superbelt® technology, any unexpected failure of the furnace loading system is avoided, thus minimizing production losses.