Cleaning Systems
Argonics Cleaning Systems

Argonics cleaning systems keep the conveyor belts clean, safe and performing, avoiding frequent stops due to cleaning and maintenance activities.
Argonics is the worldwide leader in the development of high-performance urethane for customized applications.
Argonics blades can be installed on any kind of cleaning systems, such as: Martin, Arch, Asgo, Douglas Manufacturing, J&H, Perramatta, Richwood, Scorpio, Svelada, Tandem. Our technicians are ready to evaluate and suggest the best solution for the cleaning system and for after-sales service visits.

Argonics cleaning systems are divided in:
- Primary
- Secondary/Tertiary
- Internal

Primary: they are tangentially installed at the head drum of rubber belts. Their function is to eliminate most of the spilled material, allowing the secondary cleaner to complete the work.

Secondary/Tertiary: they are installed right after the head drum of rubber belts. The secondary cleaners remove the residual fines from the belt that have not been eliminated by the primary cleaner. If needed, it is possible to install a tertiary cleaner of the same type in the available space. Since the tertiary cleaners are usually installed far from the head drum, they have to be placed next to a take-up contrast idler, to avoid cleaning pressure lifting the belt, and thus reducing cleaning effectiveness.

Internal: they are installed inside the belt, next to the unloading hopper. Their function is to clean the internal parts of the belt in order to eliminate the sink material.