The US Power sector selects Magaldi latest Bottom-Ash Technology

One of the largest electric generation and transmission cooperatives in the United States is going to start-up a new 385-megawatt pulverized coal-based plant at Dry Fork Generating Station in Gilette Wyoming - USA. This bran new Power Station will incorporate advanced environmental control technology and is being constructed to meet the growing electricity demand of its members throughout nine States. Among other innovative technologies, it will incorporate the MAC - Magaldi Ash Cooler® to handle the bottom ash. The MAC® is a unique bottom-ash extraction technology that, unlike conventional methods, requires no water to cool or convey the ash. This makes the system an ideal choice for plants, like the Dry Fork Generating Station, located in water-constrained areas. The MAC - Magaldi Ash Cooler® is provided in the United States by Allen-Sherman-Hoff, a Diamond Power International, Inc. company, under exclusive license from Magaldi Power S.p.A. of Salerno, Italy, the developer of the technology. “We are pleased to be working for this important project,” said Stephen Scott, General Manager of A-S-H Engineered Systems. “With the reached target of 100 dry bottom ash systems sold worldwide and several additional on order, the MAC - Magaldi Ash Cooler® has become the technology of choice for a significant portion of the latest generation of new coal-based power stations and an increasing number of retrofits. Users report water savings, improved reliability, reduced operational and maintenance cost as well as the ability to recycle the dry, low-carbon ash byproduct into higher value products such as Portland cement substitute.” The new plant will be fuelled by Powder River Basin (PRB) coal, which has a tendency to be a heavy slagging fuel. That means that any bottom-ash handling system must be built ruggedly enough that it can withstand impacts from slag accumulations without interrupting operations. This reliability is why the MAC - Magaldi Ash Cooler® was the clear choice for this application. Mr. Scott added, “As part of its efforts to incorporate advanced environmental controls at the plant, Basin Electric is leading the way with its choice of dry, bottom-ash handling technology.”