Although COVID-19 outbreak, our offices in Salerno, U.S.A., India, Mexico and Australia are open.
All production operations are normally performed in our manufacturing plant and our Construction & Commissioning team keeps working to offer customers all needed technical support.
Magaldi Power will keep operating worldwide with part of our engineers and employees in office and part working remotely on Smart Working basis, our team will continue to support you with the same passion and commitment as always.

Magaldi to handle hot forgings in a Spanish Forge

A Spanish Forge has chosen Magaldi to supply all the conveyors to handle the hot forgings coming out from the Hatebur press. Magaldi has supplied 8 Magaldi Superbelt conveyors that will transfer the forgings, produced at a rate of 100 pieces/min, to the heat treatment furnace, then to the cooler and finally to the shotblasting. The system has been successfully commissioned at the beginning of October.