Although COVID-19 outbreak, our offices in Salerno, U.S.A., India, Mexico and Australia are open.
All production operations are normally performed in our manufacturing plant and our Construction & Commissioning team keeps working to offer customers all needed technical support.
Magaldi Power will keep operating worldwide with part of our engineers and employees in office and part working remotely on Smart Working basis, our team will continue to support you with the same passion and commitment as always.

Magaldi’s technology for casting conveying in an Italian foundry

An Italian foundry located in Ferriere confirmed its trust on Magaldi technology ordering the third Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, thus carrying on its “environmental programme” which aims at the elimination of all existing vibrating conveyors.

The Magaldi Superbelt® - installed after the Didion drum – has been specifically designed to be “armoured” and to allow the safe operation of a huge manipulator for sprue removal and casting sorting activities. The manipulator operates directly onto the belt and it is equipped with a 20t- pliers pressure. The absence of noise and vibrations make the operation of sprue removal easier and safer, improving the operators working conditions.

The Magaldi Superbelt® type HPD is 1400 mm wide with a thickness 10+10 mm in the overlapping zone; it has a reinforced mesh wire and steel manganese ≥400HB pans. The carrying idlers, half parted and with a 40 mm diameter shaft, are rubber coated (159 mm) and placed at a close pitch of 175mm to withstand the impact of the manipulator.