Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor for a new sand line in USA

Magaldi has been awarded of a supply of a Magaldi Superbelt for an American foundry that is installing a new sand line. The customer was asking for a dependable equipment, able to work without any maintenance in heavy condition: hot bulk material to convey, presence of very hot steel pieces in the material, installation area very tight with not easy access, so few maintenance needs. The Magaldi Superbelt was the final choice. It is able to withstand temperature up to 1800° F (1000° C) working with an extreme dependability also in the most difficult condition. The same belt used in this application is working in more than 150 application under the boiler in the thermal power plant. It is conveying the hot bottom ash coming directly from the boiler that is burning the coal. The equipment has been installed in October 2011.