Magaldi Power is becoming new member of EPPSA

During EPPSA’s 32nd Meeting of the Board of Directors, held on 28th May 2009 at PowerGen in Cologne, Magaldi Power SpA. has been admitted by unanimous assent as the 15th member The European Power Plant Suppliers Association (EPPSA) is the voice, at a European level, of companies both manufacturing components for and constructing turnkey power plants. EPPSA’s members, throughout Europe, represent a leading branch of technology with more than 100 000 employees and an annual turnover of over 20 billion €. The association actively promotes projects aimed at increasing efficient and environmentally friendly improvements in power generation, particularly zero or near zero emission power generation. EPPSA believes increased investment in Research, Development and Demonstration (R, D & D) is a key factor in driving EU competitiveness as well as assuring a power supply for European consumers. EPPSA Members are: •ABB •Alstom •Ansaldo Caldaie SpA. •AE&E Austria •CMI Heat Recovery Group •Doosan Babcock •Foster Wheeler Energia Oy •GEA ENERGIETECHNIK •Hitachi Power Europe •Howden Group •Magaldi Power •NEM bv •Nooter/Erikson Srl •STF SpA. •TLT Turbo