Magaldi Open Week 2016: a glimpse into Magaldi Group

Last July, Magaldi Group opened the doors of its headquarter in Salerno (Italy) to potential customers and clients from all over the world in order to provide them the opportunity to learn more about Magaldi’s flagship technologies and latest innovations developed in Power, Waste-to-Energy and Metallurgical&Mining sectors.

The event – now in its 3rd year – was held in the amazing setting of the Amalfitan Coast and it was structured to allow guests to attend technical sessions and visit the manufacturing plant in Buccino to see with their own eyes the wide range of dependable technologies developed and patented by Magaldi.

Technical sessions were carried out not only by Magaldi’s team but also by guests from major industry associations such as the Italian Assofond and the American Foundry Society, and from international giants groups like the Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the Swiss ZAV Recycling AG, who agreed to share their experiences and their point of view on the main issues of the market.

Furthermore, roundtable discussions gave rise to lively debates with and among our valued guests.

The visit to Magaldi’s factory was a time of great enthusiasm for the guests who had the opportunity to have a close look at 4 Magaldi dependable systems – a Magaldi Ash Cooler (MAC®), an Ecobelt® WA, a Magaldi Casting Cooler (MCC®) and a SuperMCC® -  fully assembled for the occasion and ready to be shipped to the customers.

There was also no lack of relaxing and funny moments like the gala dinner held in the picturesque setting of the Erchie’s Tower in the Amalfitan Coast or the nightly walk for the streets of the Eternal City.

The event closed with reference visits at the coal-fired Power Plant of Torrevaldaliga and at a WtE plant in Switzerland, allowing guests to see the Magaldi’s technologies in operation.

Paolo Magaldi, Deputy CEO & COO of Magaldi Group, referred to the event as a way “to introduce clients to our technologies and share our corporate culture. We have about 80 clients coming from more than 25 Countries such as Korea, Japan, Australia, Mexico, US, South Africa and Europe, of course. During these days, it’s important to share knowledge, obtain a feedback from the market and discuss about real issues, the ones they are facing, which could become a new boundary for us to develop new solutions”.