Magaldi Ecobelt® Conveyor for an Australian metal and mining group

An Australian metal and mining group has awarded Magaldi for the replacement of the Magaldi Superbelt with its innovative Magaldi Ecobelt Conveyor. The company was using in the Mount Isa Mines lead smelter plant, a Magaldi Superbelt conveyor for hot lead sinter transportation loading a wet mixer. Since its installation in 90’s, the Magaldi Superbelt has run well for more than 20 years with high satisfaction of the customer, nevertheless, the fine part of the sinter, made sticky by the moisture coming from the water in the mixer, was causing several troubles to the head section of the Magaldi Superbelt by generating an unforeseen wearing to the plates, upper idlers and head drum. The good long-term relationship between Magaldi and the customer has leaded to the choice of implementing the Magaldi Ecobelt conveyor as an ideal solution to convey the toxic sinter in a completely enclosed way, thanks to its tight casing, getting both the respect of environment and the safety of the operators.