Magaldi “covers” Saudi Arabia

At the end of 2013, Magaldi Industrie sold to an Indian Group with interests in Iron & Steel Castings three Magaldi Superbelt conveyors for their new foundry plants located in India and Saudi Arabia.

One Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor “P” type - about 20 mt long - will be installed in Vadodara (Gujarat - India). It will convey castings for sorting activities downstream the shot-blasting machine.

The other two Magaldi Superbelt® conveyors “E” type (10 mt. long) will be installed in Saudi Arabia. They will convey grinding media (balls) coming from the shake out with a very steep inclination. They represent the first Magaldi Superbelt® reference acquired in the Arab country, enlarging to Middle-East region the presence of Magaldi Group.