Magaldi at IEA Clean Coal Centre’s 8th international conference on clean coal technologies
CCT2017 (8-12 May, Cagliari)

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to inform you that Magaldi Power SpA will attend the IEA Clean Coal Centre’s 8th International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies, which will be held from 8th-12th May 2017 in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy).

Three days of technical sessions will cover all aspects of clean coal technologies and highlight the most cutting edge research.

On Tuesday 9th in the morning (starting from 11:00 am), during the session on “Power Plant”, Magaldi will be glad to have a speech on “Beneficial Effects of Dry Bottom Ash Extraction and Recycling in Modern PCF Power Plants”, to present the operational experience of the first industrial application of the Magaldi Ash Recycling (MAR®) system in a PCF power plant in Italy.

The MAR® system is a recycling process that transforms bottom ash into fly ash by returning the “dry” bottom ash to the boiler combustion chamber.
The dry bottom ash is removed from beneath the boiler using the Magaldi Ash Cooler (MAC®).
With more than 200 installations worldwide on boilers generating more than 70,000 MW, this technology extracts and cools down the bottom ash by means of a small amount of ambient air. Then, the MAR® system conveys the ash back to the coal feeders where it is mixed with coal, milled and reintroduced into the furnace.

The benefits of the MAR® system for PCF power plants are remarkable and can be summarized by the following achievements:
- Conversion of all bottom ash into saleable fly ash;
- Complete elimination of costs associated with bottom ash disposal or dedicated slurry system to a bottom ash pond;
- LOI content reduction in fly ash due to the dilution effect of dry bottom ash (~8% reduction on average);
- Fly ash in compliance with international standards: EN 197-1 (cement) and EN 450-1 (concrete) in the EU;
- Environment respect: mixing fly ash with cement, CO2 emissions decrease. Around 0.9 tons of CO2 are generated from the production of a ton of Portland cement.

We will be pleased to welcome you at the CCT 2017 Conference to provide further information on our dependable technologies.


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