Magaldi at ENEA Workshop:“Perspective on the development of Concentrating Solar Thermal Technolgies”
(Rome, March 1-3, 2017)

Magaldi Power SpA will attend the ENEA workshop on the development of Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies, which will be held at the Engineering Faculty of University of Rome "La Sapienza"  on March 1st-3rd.
On that occasion, Magaldi will present its latest innovation: STEM® (Solar Thermo Electric Magaldi), a pioneering CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) system with TES (Thermal energy storage) able to collect solar energy and convert it into thermal energy to be used immediately or stored and extracted when desired.
Using easy-to-find, recyclable and environmentally safe energy storage materials, STEM® is the first CSP system worldwide using sand as thermal energy storage medium. Thanks to the fluidized bed technology, STEM® is able to store energy and supply it on demand when needed, during periods of peak need on cloudy days or even several hours after the sunset.

You are welcome to visit our YouTube channel to have a look at Magaldi’s technologies


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