Japan confirms its trust in Magaldi’s technologies

After the environmental disaster caused by the tsunami which hit the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, Japan has decided to bet on a clean coal renaissance in the power generation, investing in environmentally friendly technologies. In the next years, more than 20 new units are planned to be installed in 15 Thermal Power Stations: some projects are on-going while others are still under the Government approval.
The coal-fired power plants will be equipped with the best available technologies in order to mitigate the environmental impact of coal generated power. In this context, it fits the choice made by four Japanese giants of the energy sector to adopt Magaldi dependable technologies. Along with its licensee Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, Magaldi has been awarded with four orders for the supply of five MAC® systems plus an engineering contract that within one year will be converted in an order for the supply of another MAC® System. Some of those contracts represent a further confirmation of the customers’ confidence in Magaldi patented technologies since MAC® systems has been already installed in their Power Stations; others, instead, represent a new achievement because our dry bottom ash handling system will be installed in power stations where wet systems have been applied for the existing units. Magaldi is a pioneer of the eco-friendly technologies, introducing the dry bottom ash handling system in solid-fuel power plants early in 1985. Its dry technology - able to handle, cool and convey bottom ashes from boilers without the usage of any water - eliminates all serious environmental problems associated with the use of water thus responding to the most stringent environmental regulations and ensuring the continuous operation of the plant without interruption 24/365.
No risk of boiler shutdown is guaranteed by the multilink Superbelt® design that ensures continuous ash removal, low wear, low power demand, long service-life, low O&M costs, safe operation. Moreover, it’s able to increase the boiler efficiency, thereby effecting substantial fuel savings, reducing the consumption of auxiliary energy, reducing CO2 emissions and eliminating ash ponds. In line with the Japanese standards, the MAC® systems supplied have been designed to convey/cool down bottom ash generated by PC boilers and they will have the following technical configuration: textile joints, hopper with bottom valves, MAC extractor, crushing zone with hydraulic pre-crusher followed by a single roller crusher and subsequent transportation by Ecobelt® conveyor equipped with O-Chain.