In early 2005 the Government of West Bengal (India) approved the installation of a new 300 MW Unit in the Durgapur power plant. This plant is located in the north-eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, an area which, despite the presence of the two rivers, the Ganges and the Brahmaputra, has always suffered from serious problems of water shortages. In Indian power plants, where the bottom ash is normally handled using water (trough submerged chain conveyors or water impounded hoppers), this problem is emphasized by the use of domestic coal which, due to its high ash content, leads to the use of a massive quantity of water in order to handle the bottom ash.
In December 2005, Magaldi Power was awarded the turn key supply of the dry bottom ash extraction for the Durgapur power plant, Unit #7. The task was massive: not only did the bottom ash have to be dry removed and cooled, but also the economizer’s ash had to be handled by the same ash handling system. Magaldi was required to dry handle a total of 42.8 t/h of ash. After the installation, a contract of operation and maintenance was awarded to Magaldi which is still in place today.
In 2012 Magaldi won the contract for the new Unit #8 from Durgapur Projects Ltd.(DPL), the owner of the plant. This is the first SuperMAC® system to be installed in India.



Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited (DECL) is a Chinese leading company specialized in manufacturing power equipment and contracting worldwide power projects for thermal, hydro, nuclear, wind, gas turbine and combined cycle power plants. DECL represents the level of the power equipment industry in China and has been nominated by the Chinese Central Government as one of the key enterprises for the national economy and state security.
As an active worldwide power project contractor, DECL has undertaken more than 100 projects worldwide in thermal power, hydro power, environmental protection and others.



The MAC® (Magaldi Ash Cooler) extractor is connected to the bottom hopper (included in Magaldi’s supply scope) through a mechanical expansion joint. The bottom doors are installed at the outlet of the bottom hopper to disconnect (if necessary) the furnace from the MAC® extractor in the case of minor maintenance activities that need to be carried out on the downstream equipment.
The MAC® extractor transports the bottom ash to a Primary Crusher, a single-roll type that reduces the ash particles to a size of less than 80 mm. Then, a Postcooler conveyor, labelled Magaldi Ecobelt®, completes the ash cooling process and transports the ash to the final storage silo.The bottom ash is discharged from the silo onto open trucks through wet lines equipped with heavy duty conditioners.
Finally, the humidified bottom ash is transferred to the final disposal area. Ash collected in the economizer hoppers is also conveyed by more Ecobelt® conveyors, which in turn discharge the material into the MAC® system and convey it to the same storage silo as the bottom ash.