Hochleistungsstahlbandförderer seit 1929

Siderurgica Sevillana S.A.

Die Aufgabenstellung

At Siderurgica Sevilliana, the existing steel coated conveyor was causing loss of production and excessive maintenance. The main problem of the existing conveyor was its very short life – never greater than 6 months.
As the conveyed material is very sharp, if the material jammed the belt, the belt would be cut. When this happened, the client was obliged to stop the production until the necessary repairs were made.


Der Kunde

The Spanish company Siderurgica Sevillana specialises in melting and hot rolling steel, as it has been doing since the mid 60's. Siderugica Sevillana is a member of the multinational RIVA Group, a leader in the steel sector, and it has a strong client relationship with Magaldi.


Die Lösung

Siderurgica Sevillana solved its problems by selecting the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor for the handling of 400 °C hot rolled bars on the rolling line.
A Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor PD/MN1208.108.S type was installed in July 2013. It conveys bars at a rate of 11 t/h. The bars come from a rolling stand, through which the steel billet passes, reducing its section and acquiring the final product shape.
The final sectors of the conveyor are inclined at 16° and special rollers have been installed in the loading area: they are capable of withstanding the high impacts caused by material falling from the upstream conveyor which operates about 3 m above.


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