Hochleistungsstahlbandförderer seit 1929

ME Elecmetal

Die Aufgabenstellung

At the beginning of 2011, an engineering company contacted Magaldi to cooperate in a project for a new hot sand conveying line, to be installed in an American foundry located in Tempe (AZ, USA). The foundry was asking for a dependable equipment to convey hot sand, able to work in heavy conditions, with minimum maintenance requirements, also suited to the very tight installation area.


Der Kunde

ME Elecmetal is one of the most important American foundry companies, producing large industrial castings for sophisticated mining equipment


Die Lösung

Traditional methods to convey hot sand after the shake-out include rubber belt conveyors or coolers/classifiers with associated pneumatic conveying system. However, such traditional systems suffer from high temperature problems, wear issues, difficult operation due to non-homogeneous materials and sharp/hard particles, involving frequent maintenance interventions and high O&M costs.
Magaldi proposed to install the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, that ensures safe, continuous, reliable operation, thanks to its unique damage-tolerant design. Just underneath the shake out the Magaldi Superbelt® now conveys hot sand, at a 30 t/h rate, 24 h/day. Peaks up to 50 t/h are present. The material is conveyed by the Magaldi Superbelt® at a temperature of 315°C (600 F) to the downstream cooling drum.
High temperatures and tear issues are resolved thanks to the patented method of connecting the pans to the mesh belt, that leaves all elements free to expand in any direction. The Magaldi Superbelt® design eliminates any risk of sudden failures, otherwise always present, especially with hot and abrasive materials, in the case of conveyors using rubber belts, chains or of pneumatic conveying systems.


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