Group profile - Magaldi
Group profile - Magaldi

The Magaldi Group,
founded in 1929 in Salerno, is a leading manufacturer of industrial systems and plants for bulk material handling at high temperatures and heavy conditions, particularly used for Coal-fired Power Plants, Cement Industries, Steel Plants, Foundries, Sinterization Plants (Iron Ore, Manganese, Lead sinter), Steel Mills and Coke Plants. In recent years, Magaldi has also been producing large plants for generating electricity from solar photovoltaic and is active in other renewable energy fields. Magaldi Group's mission is to design, manufacture and market reliable, high quality systems which are able to provide environmentally sustainable industrial solutions worldwide.

The group, which has its headquarters of 2000 mq² in Salerno, operates through two production sites located in Buccino (SA), native town of the Magaldi family. The two factories form a total area of 55,000 mq², of which 26,000 are covered. Magaldi produces, on the basis of its patented technologies, systems with the aid of highly automated systems which reduce costs and achieve the highest level of quality in accordance with main standards. Its products are distributed worldwide through subsidiaries or licensees. Magaldi Power S.p.A. has been awarded the ISO9001, Vision 2000, ISO 14000 certifications. Magaldi facilities produce approx. 5 km of Superbelt per year using over 2 million kg of processed steel with CNC machines and robots.

The Magaldi group operates in three main business areas:

  • The Power sector
  • The Industry sector
  • The Renewables Energy field